That oomph factor, dropping jaws on the way, comes with the perfect dressing sense. There is no other way a woman can look extremely beautiful, even without makeup, other than knowing what to wear and how to carry it. The elegance lies in the choice of apparels and being aware of how you would look in them. The fashion sense will not make any sense when you are not following the latest trends and trying to adorn the contemporary designs. The Fashion 101 Lesson from the experts is choosing the right pair of shoes. Stilettos are the classic choice that creates a remarkable appearance. The stiletto boots, for an example, are and always will be the first choice for the ladies to own and make an enviable collection. Why are stilettos preferred the most by the gorgeous ladies on the roll?

Reasons behind wearing stilettos

  • Numbers do not lie

As per a research done by the Spine Health Institute, more than 72% of the urban ladies will at least adorn high heels once in their lifetime. The data is impressive when it comes to the young and middle aged adults. Nearly 49% of women aged 18 to 24 years adorn the high heels. The percentage is 42 when the age bar is 20 to 49 and 34% when the age bar is 50 or above. It means that one out of two women pair stilettos or other high heels with their attire. The numbers do not lie. The stilettos from FSJ shoes are the best friends for a lady who dresses to kill.

  • Height

The high heels or the stilettos can add up to 6 inches to your height. The fantasy appears when the long-legged models showcase their beauty in the magazine or in the shows. Looking slender and tall with a perfect physique is the universal dream of every woman. The high heels make it a reality. The extra added height and the lengthening of the leg muscles surely make you look taller and sharper. Your age seems to reduce considerably when you adorn high heels.

  • A feminine touch

Adding a pair of high heel will make you look more feminine. The heels will make your legs look slender and your hip look sturdier, round, and cutely small. The long and steep curve of the stilettos makes your feet stretch. This causes the uplifting of your gluteus muscles. Your hip will not look saggy but tight. Your waking style will automatically get tuned and add a feminine touch to your personality.

  • Confidence and more attention

Wearing and carrying stiletto boots add more confidence to your personality. The people gawking at you all the time will ensure that you can easily handle it in public. The added style quotient will make you feel more confident than the onlookers and your colleagues. Enjoy the attention by adorning these high heels.

Wrapping up

The classic and contemporary stilettos and high heels from FSJ shoes will be the ideal ones to possess and make a chic style statement in the crowd.