A christening represents one of the first steps in your child’s life-long religious journey. The ritual also cements his or her connection and devotion to Jesus Christ. Because it is such an important event, your little one must be dressed in a manner that brings integrity to both the Church and your family. So, before you search through christening dresses and gowns for your bundle of joy, brush up on the history and meaning behind the garment to learn about its future impact.

A Rich (and Fashionable) History

Christening dresses and gowns have existed since the earliest days of the Church. It was especially important during Christianity’s infancy, when the baptism and conversion ceremonies of adults were common. Individuals would wear white gowns to represent purity and humility — a theme that still lives on today.

The ritual attire became more elegant and complex as Christianity gained popularity — reaching its peak during the Victorian era. This period featured garments adorned with extremely detailed embroidery and rich fabrics such as silk. Fast forward to modern times and you’ll find that christening dresses have calmed down a bit and are usually made out of more humble fabrics like cotton.

Symbolic Purity

A Christening dress is more than just a beautiful article of clothing. And it is no coincidence that all Christening dresses and gowns are either white or off-white.

The white color represents a child’s purity and morality, which were taken away by Adam and Eve’s act of original sin. Most importantly, it symbolizes the innocence that is reclaimed when original sin is washed away by the christening ceremony.

Sentimental Value

Like anything else associated with an important life event, christening dresses and gowns hold sentimental value for the wearer. Because of its religious significance and personal meaning, these dresses are often passed down from generation to generation. They become familial treasures, connecting children with older members of their family. The dresses also become points of pride and mark the family’s continued devotion to their faith.

Choose Wisely

Hopefully you’ve gained more insight into why christening dresses are so important in this day and age. When choosing the right outfit for your child’s christening, do not to skimp on quality.  The christening garment you purchase should be one that stands the test of time and acts as a reminder of your child’s piety for future generations.

That’s why we at Granny’s Little Munchkins pride ourselves on only providing christening dresses and gowns of the highest quality. We also have a courteous and caring staff, who can answer any questions or concerns regarding this significant moment in your child’s life.