High boots are very cool and yet controversial if you think of it, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to wear them.

To make your pick a bit easier, we’ve made some stylish suggestions on how you could wear over the knee boots.


Let’s hit it off with a casual look. The absolute trendy outfit is to combine over the knee boots with a long knitted pullover. This is a very good style for shorter women. You should, however, avoid oversized sweaters when you’re going for this look and preferably choose a not too long, figure-hugging knitted sweater. Short women in particular should pay attention to a good fit, as with an oversized sweater they will risk “disappearing”. Another great idea for a casual look is to combine those high-to-heaven heels with a casual looking poncho. This will contrast beautifully and create a well-thought balance between kinky and comfy!

Knitted garments

This type of garment is not only cozy but also very elegant. Choose a model which doesn’t sit too close to your bottom. The problem: Wool dresses easily cheat a few kilos on the hips. And the combination of over the knees with an extremely curvy silhouette is not flattering. Better to put on a body-fitting knitted dress. If it’s cold you can add in some nice tights.

Jeans or trousers

A combination for everyday use, it will help by visually lengthening your legs. This is achieved by using shoes and trousers with a similar tone. Black over the knees can be combined with dark blue jeans or black tight pants. Light blue jean to dark high boots, on the other hand, is too much of a contrast, which visually divides the thigh and makes it appear shorter.

Turtleneck dresses

Over the knee boots are perfect for turtleneck dresses. Make sure that the dress ends some 15 centimeters above your knee, so as to show a little leg. Important: The boots should end up at the narrowest part of the thigh –this will make your leg look graceful, no matter what size you are.


There are certain ways and combinations to wear high boots that will give off a seriously sexy vibe. Mini-skirts (or any skirts really) and high-heeled boots isa perfect example for such a choice. Boots and stockings should be chosen in similar color. As for the skirt, you can use the same color or even a contrasting one. Make sure that the skirt is short enough so it doesn’t obscure the end of the boot shaft. If you don’t, you’ll risk your legs looking shorter than they are, as if “swallowed” by the boots. In order for the outfit to look chic instead of cheap, you should combine the mini-skirt with a high closed top like a round neck pullover or turtleneck sweater.Avoid deep cuts!Another no-go are tight bandeau dresses.


Clearly, red over the knee boots made of smooth leather may sometimes evoke false associations. With boots in more neutral colors such as grey, dark blue or black, you can’t really go wrong. This look becomes particularly noble when all garments are matched to a single color tone. This is also a perfect look for those of you who are just getting to know this type of footwear and are still feeling a bit scrutinized by the general population.


So what are we hoping for you to conclude after reading this? We wish for you (if it’s the case) to stop to discriminate against this particular kind of footwear. Consider how good and practical an attire it really is, especially during colder months. The number of combinations to go for are plenty; the sky is the limit, depending on what you’re going for (and on the size of the heel shaft of course).

Keep in mind that the aforementioned ideas are precisely that – ideas. Guidelines, if you will. It all comes down to who you are and what you like and how comfortable you feel with what you’re wearing. But as someone wise once said: “Don’t knock it until you try it”. Instead, why not allow over the knee boots to knock you away?