Market and online shopping sites are full with so much variety of designer wear for ladies such as gowns, one piece, midis and more. But, if you have to attend party of any close relatives and want to wear something new as well as unique then nothing can beat natural beauty of saree. In today’s date, saree do not remain only a traditional wearable but has become more than that.

If draped properly and paired with statement accessories like high heels, jewelry and classy clutch then a simple saree can make you look like a princess. But, always keep in mind to store an expensive saree in saree cover set as it is handy, easy to store and do not take much space. In fact, it also safeguard your favorite sarees from any mishap like dirt, dust and moisture.

Modern styles of wearing a saree

Several styles are there in which you can wear a saree, but choosing any one can be difficult. So, here are some of the latest and modern styles of draping a saree which ladies can consider:

Mermaid style: The difference between mermaid style and other style saree is not too much and especially if it is compared with lehenga saree and Mumtaz saree. It highly showcases pallu of saree more overwhelmingly than other. So, if you are planning to drape saree in mermaid style then always pick out lavishly and broader worked pallu. Although, everything does remain same but when you will hold pallu again, then there some twists will come. After this, leave your saree pallu hanging such as it fall 4 inches short from platform. Then, tuck in left side of saree and you are ready for party.

Butterfly style: This style is well known as Bollywood style saree and the butterfly saree style is basically a slight twist to regular Nivi style. One and the main difference is that pallu is made quite thin, so that the navel or midriff should be visible. Mostly materials like net, chiffon, cotton etc. is worn with heavy and embellished blouse for this style. Butterfly style is often considered as most fashionable style for draping a saree for any party where you want to avail pre-pleated and pre-stitched saree for statement look. In fact, you can even take out lightweight saree from your sarees collection and drape it in butterfly style and remember to team up with statement blouse.

Double style saree: Quite popular among saree lovers and fashionistas of modern generation, a beautiful double layered saree is somewhat a predominating fashion which is getting very popular in Bollywood industry. The style come when you will be drape two sarees seamlessly. After having your first saree take one of its end and start making six pleats from the end. Then, tuck it the petticoat center in left side. Then take and again hold end of pallu and make pleats. Hold on pallu pleats again by bringing them back and front making complete circle right from shoulders. Leave pallu hanging and take out second saree and start making 5 pleats, overlapping former pleats of saree. The pleats of second saree should face right. Then, again make pallu pleats and bring it around back from other side to front side over your right shoulder and remember to fix it with safety pin.