Are you currently getting engaged? An engagement is easily the most wondrous and exciting occasion inside a couple’s existence where Diamond Engagement Ring includes a pivotal role. It symbolizes love and commitment, presenting a diamond ring for your partner on valentine’s day is really a tradition which has spanned centuries. There are plenty of questions and inspirations that spring to mind when looking for a Gemstone Diamond Engagement Ring. You’ve endless ring designs to select from, but Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings will invariably remain typically the most popular choice ever, all because of its impeccable opulence and wealthy history. Vintage jewellery is available in a lot of designs and styles, today so many women find vintage style most fascinating. There have been five major periods of time in jewellery in the 1700’s towards the 1950’s. Each era showcased a definite aesthetic and charmed everybody using its delicacy. Let us observe how Diamond Engagement Rings have altered throughout time?

Georgian Diamond Engagement Rings

(1714- 1837)

The Georgian period was between 1714 and 1837 and lasted over a century through first four British kingdoms, George I, George II, George III, George

  1. The Georgian jewellery is very rare and costly, generally used gemstones were garnet, topaz, amethyst, sapphires, along with other lavish gemstones. Metals like 18k silver and gold were typically utilized in crafting Diamond Engagement Rings.

Victorian Diamond Engagement Rings

(1837- 1901)

A broadly known, the Victorian times was named after Queen Victoria of England. The romance and romance from the Queen and King Albert were generally observed in the jewellery designs by means of romantic symbols like flowers, hearts, and plenty more! Birthstones were greatly used rather of diamonds for Diamond Engagement Rings.

Art Nouveau Diamond Engagement Rings

(1895- 1915)

The Skill Nouveau period was produced from in france they word for ‘New Art’. Art Nouveau Diamond Engagement Rings exhibited designs which are soft, whimsy and representational. The jewellery out of this period is mainly handcrafted and artistic.

Edwardian Diamond Engagement Rings

(1901- 1915)

The Edwardian era existed throughout the reign of King Edward of England. The Edwardian jewellery was intricately crafted the designs were more elaborate and ornamental. Diamonds was probably the most searched for after choice in the period. Furthermore, this style was delicate, feminine and lightweight.

Art Deco

(1915- 1935)

The Skill Deco era, emerging following the conclusion of The First World War displayed sharp lines, bold geometric shapes in jewellery. The Diamond Engagement Rings out of this period are eye-catching, vivid and distinct.

Confused to select a classic Diamond Engagement Ring style for you personally or for your better half? Hopefully all the details above can help you select the most worthy style.