It is no wonder that makeup is an art, and every woman is an artist. Of all the steps, eye makeup plays a verymajor role. No matter how much it is emphasized; it will be less. This is how much important it is.

Details To The Rescue!

Now to give detailed information about eye makeup in this article, it is necessary to start off with the basics. The basics include very basics; like starting off with cleaning your face and applying the moisturizer for a better hold of the foundation you choose. Just a little note: choose the foundation based on your skin tone and not on the amount of white you’ll look. A foundation is the best when it mixes the best with your skin.

Steps For Killer Eyes

After applying the foundation, directly grab your eyeshadow palette. Now, if you’re willing to go nude today; by the eyes obviously; then choose shades which are light and will make your eyes look big. Choosing a little shimmery shade can make your eyes noticeable even more. After you’re done with the eyeshadow, simply take your eye pencil or eyeliner of your choice and apply it to your eyes. Create a perfect wing or make it bold for a dramatic look – the choice is yours! To get the perfect shade of nude and pastel colored eyeshadow palette, look for the naked palette urban decaybuy online and highlight your eyes with softness.

When up for a party, or your best friend getting married, drool them with dark and bold eyes. Sounds sexy, Isn’t it?! Just grab the dark shades and start mixing them with contrasting colors. What you should do is, start filling the inner corners with light colors followed by a contrasting light one. Or if you wanna try the SonamKapoor’s look from Aisha, just reverse the process. Mix black and silver widely and plump your lips with some pink gloss. Wow! All eyes on my Lady, now!

What Trend Is This!

From runways to celebrities, trends are flowing like water within and around us. In such a state, pastel colors and solid bolds are totally in fashion. Like, if you’re wearing something in white, contrast your eyes with one single eyeshadow; be it orange, or violet, yellow, pink; or any such color. Either the shade is a shimmering shade or a total matte one, both will let you roll in your place.

Now The Pigmentation

To get the best solid colors for your darling eyes, the naked palette urban decay buys online range is something waiting to come to your home. The color it provides is firstly, very long lasting; secondly, catchy enough to skip heartbeats; thirdly, glides over smoothly on your eyes, decreasing your effort; fourthly, the shades are very rare and only we will provide them exclusively for you. The naked palette urban decay buys online comes at a moderate price which is obviously something your eyes deserve. So hurry up! Book your orders right now and slay your every day to the extreme.