Did you know that there is more to sports bra than being just an ordinary workout accessory? Studies have shown that this unique sportswear enhances performance and provides other health benefits. This means you can improve your game while protecting your body at the same time. Well, the benefits are not just limited to the comfort and support because there have been lots of technological advances.

Now let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of Sports Bras.

#1: Sports bras minimize breast movement

This unique accessory helps to minimize breast movement during exercise. It is perhaps its most popular benefit. Breast movement during strenuous exercises could be painful and inconvenient but a sports bra helps to keep the breast in position irrespective of your large busts. In addition, you don’t get to feel squashed or uncomfortable.

#2: Sports bras are best for support during exercise

They help to maintain the shape and integrity of the breast wall. You know when you are engaged in strenuous and intensive movements, you tend to stretch and even tear the ligaments surrounding the breasts. Because this damage is usually irreversible, it could result in sagging and drooping breasts. To prevent this condition from occurring prematurely, you should go for the right sports bra which will provide you with the needed support. You don’t know where to get one? You can get a good and fitting sports bras at Climawear.com.

#3: Sports bras regulate sweat and temperature control

With the recent advances in fabrics and athletic wear technology, bras are now made from a wide range of fabric weights which have unique and vital functions. For instance, there are new sports bras designed to keep you cool and dry by wicking sweat away from your body while increasing the flow of air to your skin. There are others with lightweight yet provides a great deal of warmth.

#4: Sports bras can also be very comfortable

Full-figure bras offer comfort in ways that the regular bras cannot because they are designed to work more than to flatter. They are designed with wider straps which cover the breast and helps to evenly distribute the breast tissue. Generally, they lack delicate fabrics, firm ribbing and underwires which makes it a lot easier to move around. Sports bras also limit rubbing and chafing because they minimize breast movement.

#5: Some sports bras now have storage capabilities

Some sports bras are now designed to hold small MP3 players and keys which means there won’t be any need for a pouch around the waist or a bag. This unique design helps to reduce the number of items to stash away which is popular with runners. You won’t have to worry about losing your stuff or carrying a bag as you can conveniently tuck them away.