Everyone loves to wear and flaunt their prized diamond possessions. Nowadays where diamond jewelry has become a household thing, the craze is about the top diamond styles. Therefore we bring to you some of the unique and fashionable diamond styles that will definitely make a statement when you wear them on some important occasion in the future.

One must know that most of the diamond cuts or shapes that they choose for their jewelry usually fall into some category of size, carat, and shape which is based on their cuts. So the most popular and loved diamond cut shapes are here:

Round diamond shapes

Round diamonds occupy the major portion of the diamonds that are sold every year. This is the most popular and bought the shape of a diamond. It can be easily categorized into traditional as well as fancy shapes. The best thing about round shapes of diamonds is that you can accessorize them with any of your outfits, jewelry and for every occasion. You can even wear them on regular basis without any occasion at all. However, it is said that due to the implications of its shape, the cost of a round diamond per carat is a bit higher than fancy shapes. That is one factor that you may consider and move on to the next shape.

Oval diamond shapes

The next one in the category of top diamond styles is oval shaped diamonds which is quite a personal choice of the writer. Although it may still not be one of the highest grosser in the sales category, oval shapes are fast becoming a raving choice of the consumers day by day. It can be termed as modified classic cut. This is one such cut that acquires the status of sheer brilliance just like round diamond shapes. The elongated shapes are good enough to create illusions to make them appear bigger than their original size. Also for varying finger types, oval diamond shapes make them look longer and thinner.

The origin of princess cut diamond shapes isn’t very old traditionally. It was only in the 1980s that the princess cut diamonds came into the market and thus acquired the space in the hearts of the buyers. We can term them as one of the most popular diamond shapes not only for their name but also for their beautiful shape design. The princess cut diamonds is a good choice for engagement rings that can be decorated with smaller sized diamonds all around.

Marquise diamond shapes

One more diamond in our top diamond styles that can successfully create illusions of being greater in size than their actual appearance! Also, the users must know that the marquise diamond shapes have one of the largest surface areas than any other diamond shapes that are significantly responsible for its bigger size illusions.

Pear cut diamond shapes:

A beautiful depiction of the tear of joy, the pear cut diamond shapes are a sheer brilliance to put on. It is the symmetry and tapering point on one end that makes it one of the most ideal designs for ladies in particular.

These are some of our top picks for top diamond styles that can be adorned by our readers for their next diamond purchase. Although there are a few more popular shapes such as Asscher cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, rose heart diamonds, emerald diamond shapes etc but we have enlisted the shapes that are most popular and admired all over the world.