Tag Heuer is one of the most expensive watch brands in the world. Thus, it is also no wonder why Tag Heuer Watch Services are also expensive. if you happen to have your first Tag Heuer, you might have so many questions on what to do and not do with your Tag Heuer watch.

Nonetheless, we are going to make it a lot easier for you. In this article, we will list down some of the important frequently asked questions for your Tag Heuer watch.

Why does my watch need a Tag watch servicing every 2 years? Why not 4 years like other watches?

This is because of the water-resistant feature of many Tag Heuer watches. Tag watch servicing doesn’t just only keep the watch in pristine condition, but they also make sure that your watch still has its features. These features can help you in your daily activities. Thus, this luxury watch is not all luxury at all.

What if my Tag watch needs repair in Chicago?

You can opt for affiliated companies if you are away from the city center. Some affiliates like the A Swiss Fine Timing offers the best Tag Heuer Watch services. The company is equipped with the knowledge and the parts to fix your broken Tag Heuer watch. That way, you rest assured that your watch is in good hands.

How often can I clean my Tag Heuer Watch?

As much as possible, you need to clean your watch every three months. If you are unsure of how to clean your watch, you can send them to A Swiss Fine Timing. That way, they can help you clean your watch. Aside from that, if your watch is due for Tag watch servicing, they can do it as well. They are affiliated watchmakers who work best with Tag Heuer watches and other European brand watches. Rest assured that your watch is in good hands.

What if my stopped suddenly stopped after not being used?

Then your watch needs a Tag Heuer Watch services. This is because the lubricant has dried up inside the watch. A non-working battery can also cause huge damage to your watch. You should send it for tag heuer watch service. That way, you can easily restore it and used it when the time arises.


Tag Heuer is indeed a pricey timepiece to keep. However, they are also one of the timeless heirlooms to passed on from generations. We hope that we can answer some of your questions when it comes to Tag Heuer watches. If you are looking for the best Tag Heuer watches or services, make sure to contact A Swiss Fine Timing. Who knows, you might just find the best watchmaker for your watches.