Gifting some diamond jewelry to someone is symbolic of your love for the other person.  You can gift Diamond rings to your would-be bride as a symbol of mutual trust and commitment.  If you intend to gift to your close friends or someone you love the most, you can choose diamond earrings in Houston

While choosing a diamond earring, you should assess the quality of the diamond by testing the 4 Cs; color, cut, clarity and karat weight.  You can celebrate any special occasion like wedding, birthday, and an anniversary, Valentine Day, or Mother’s Day.

There is a host of different styles, cuts, shapes of diamond earrings for sale. You can choose according to your aesthetic need and of course your budget.  For style, you can choose between round cut and a princes’ cut. And for shapes, choose from pushback, screw back and three-pong.

These are available in yellow gold, 14L white gold or platinum.  You can choose the karat from ¼ karat to 2 karats. The following are the features and significances of diamond earrings.

Stud Earrings

The diamond stud earring has a single stone or metal shape which is connected to a post.  You can wear it through your earlobe, or you can fasten it with a clutch back.  The timeless classic diamond stud is a must for women’s jewelry box.  You can make your gifting special and memorable for your fiancée, girlfriend, wife, or daughter.

People can see them shining outside, as much as you have them on the inside. They get the best fashion and feeling you can make the gifting a little more special by gifting them a set of matching pendant.

Cluster Earrings

The cluster earring is designed with diamonds or gemstones. They are grouped and formed to a cluster which is connected to a post and is fastened in the back.  It gives a larger and more dramatic look, still within a reasonable budget. The colored gemstones mixed with diamond give an amazing look, matching to any outfit.

 Drop Earrings

The drop earrings hang below the earlobe which is suspended by a single chain or wire and then connected to a post. You can get drop earrings made with gold, silver or platinum. By wearing these earrings, you can have a very casual look and also have an elegant fashion. If you are indecisive in selecting the one suitable for you, the professional jeweler can assist you to take a right decision.

Chandelier Earring

Being connected to a post, this earring drops below the earlobe in the form of a chandelier. It may or may not contain diamonds or gemstone.

Button Earring

It is connected to a post and does not dangle. If you wear it tight on your ear, it may not fit your ear. The jewel professional can guide you better.

Hoop Earring

A metal tube shaped in a continuous circle or hoop is made to J Shape. You can attach earring charms to hoop earrings.

With a diamond on your ears, you can brighten your face and get that extra glimmer in your eyes.