Elise Handbag that is part of our carbon fiber collection of handbags from De Leon that offers the perfect combination of luxurious quality and longevity. When you think of Elise, you will think of the perfect combination of durability and feminine elegance. This creative and unique collection is for those women who want to make a sophisticated fashion statement. Become the center of attention for the exotic handbag you will carry.

Modern Edge Meets the Classic

While carbon fiber is a modern and innovative addition to the fashion world, calf leather is the perfect example of the classic. This makes Elise an amalgamation of the modern, exotic, and the timeless elements. De Leon has developed a version of carbon fiber leather and combined it with premium calf leather using expert craftsmanship.

Choose from a selection of exotic and luxurious colors. Each handbag in the collection brings together the best of carbon fiber leather and calf leather in elegant colors like majestic black, beautiful white, and beige. And the collection is topped with customized hardware in gold or silver. Speak of fine quality and luxe feel, and this collection offers you everything. It is not just the premium quality and feels that you carry every time you flaunt your handbag. These handbags also come with practical features, including:

  • Multiple exterior side pockets
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Custom stitched lining
  • Multiple interior pockets and zipper pocket

The Carbon Fiber Leather Advantage

With Elise, it is one of the first times that carbon fiber leather has been used in making handbags. This provides this collection with some never-seen-before features and benefits.

  • Carry a light weight handbag that is tough and has exceptional strength.
  • Carbon fiber leather offers biological inertness and non-toxic properties – the importance of these features will dawn upon you when you realize how long the leather stays in touch with your skin.
  • The chemical inertness of the Carbon Fiber Collection will further extend its longevity in different types of conditions and environments.

Carbon fiber leather is what makes Elise such a sophisticated fashion accessory. It goes beyond style and makes you look and feel modern in an entirely different way.