Wedding rings gold are the most popular rings for weddings. At our store, we have distinct styles for you for your big, so worry not.  You can find the rings with variety of stone shapes on their knots such as those with yellow and white gold. Some of the rings have mixed gold colors to give it a creative, modern and unique look.

Unique stone shapes available in our store are as follows:

Emerald cut – the rings have rectangular stones, which implies it clarity and have long facets down the stones sides and have a flat top.

Heart cut– wedding rings gold with this stone shape is suitable for sentimental brides. It is a romantic shape that sparkles and it is known to give you a symbol of love.

Asscher cut– they are square shaped stones, which have a thick cut and stepped sides to create an art deco as well as dramatic look.

Pear cut– it is a unique shape that can be more elongated or shorter so as to fit various setting as you wish.

Radiant cut- it is a totally glamorous and extra sparkly stones that combine emerald cut with the round cut brilliance.

Round cut– it is known to be classic and timeless. They are brilliant cut stones that look great in most of the settings.

Oval cut- this is a versatile and brilliant cut stone, which looks great as a flanked or solitaire with its side stones.

Cushion cut– it is a stone shape that has rounded corners and has large facets to increase the brilliance of the rectangular shaped and elegant stones.

Marquise cut- it is suitable for you if you are looking for a dramatic and distinctive ring. It is an oval cut stone that has pointed ends.

There are amazing gold colors for you to choose from and they include the following:

White gold– these wedding rings gold are a mixture of gold and other metal. The other metal is responsible in whitening its color to make it resemble platinum. It has grown popularly over time because platinum has slowly become expensive as compared to gold.

Yellow gold– it is known to be the most hypoallergic gold rings and it has been used historically for weddings. It is the most pure color of the gold rings and it compliments darker and olive ski tones. It is the easiest among the gold rings to maintain and it is known to be malleable.

Rose gold- this wedding rings gold comprises pink, rose and red gold shades. It is a compliment to all types of skin tones. It is very durable because of its strength of copper making it tougher. It is cheaper as compared to other gold rings as the alloy metal used (copper) costs less. It is most romantic ring due to its pinkish-red color.


You are advised to consider the composition in the wedding rings gold and also put into consideration their prices. Your personal preferences, stone styles and your lifestyle are major drivers for a perfect ring that makes you feel elegant and comfortable.