The bag is the quintessential accessory with permission from the shoes. That companion of day-to-day avatars in which we can carry a good representative sample of who we are and what we hold dear. We all use handbags to a greater or lesser extent and in whatever style. We each have a favorite model or style a shape, a size, a fabric, a color or a preferred functionality that characteristic that we always look for when we go to buy a new one and that is repeated in the vast majority of our bags season after season.

Some of us have these ‘predilections’ or ‘hobbies’ more present or forged than others, but basically all of them, due to our lifestyle, our way of dressing, our habits, tastes or needs, we tend to one form or another of prom clutch handbag. Surely you are thinking about your ideal bag right now. And it is great that it is so, we must search and find the bag with the most comfortable and satisfied characteristics that make us feel, since, as we have said, it is our day-to-day companion, that ally that has to make our lives easier.

Party bag

However, there are occasions and occasions. It seems a cliché to say that ‘having style is knowing how to dress for every occasion’, but the truth is that circumstances largely determine the needs we may have, beyond our taste or our preferences. That is why, when choosing a bag, it is convenient to think about where

Your prom clutch bag is that companion that contains your personal objects that little piece of you. Takes care of them, and makes you feel comfortable. And when we say comfortable, we don’t mean to go in tracksuit, we mean to feel comfortable wherever you are.

Surely for the occasions of your day to day you will already know which bag is the one that best suits your routine , but on occasions something more exceptional such as going out to a party , where your needs and preferences can change, what model of bag is the most suitable? Surely, when faced with this question, the first thing you would think about when choosing your ideal bag would be what you are going to wear.

Therefore, our three recommendations are that it be a bag that:

You can hang up to move freely: dance, run, jump. Do whatever you want with your hands free and without worrying about anything.

Have a medium size. An excessively small bag will prevent you from keeping everything you need for the night and therefore, you will end up keeping things in your jacket or pants, giving it to a friend, etc., and scattering your things, which makes you much more susceptible to losing them. Neither is an excessively large bag, since it will be uncomfortable when it comes to dancing, it will take forever to have it checked at the entrance to any venue or event, and you run the risk of ‘getting excited’ by filling it and carrying weight unnecessarily.