South Sea pearls hold the place of luxury and rarity in the world of pearls. They stand out for their larger size and a special kind of luster. These pearls feature soft reflection caused by the larger aragonite platelets in them. When you choose them, you are choosing cultured pearls with the thickest of nacre. There is so much more that will make your South Sea pearl jewelry so special.

South Sea Pearl Origins

These pearls are sourced from Pinctada maxima species of mollusks. They are cultured in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar. South Sea pearls are also rare for the delicate nature of the oysters from which it is sourced. It cannot be cultured anywhere else except its natural environment.

There are two kinds of mollusks of the species. The characteristics of the pearl vary depending on which variety it has been sourced from. These are:

  • Silver lip variety: These oysters produce pearls with silver, white, blue, and aqua overtones.
  • Gold lip variety: These oysters produce pearls with champagne, cream, and deep golden overtones.

These pearls undergo nothing more than washing and buffing in the post-harvesting process. There is no other treatment because the colors are naturally rich and elegant.


As already mentioned, there are many characteristics that make South Sea pearls unique and so valuable.

  • The nacre can be as thick as 6mm. comparatively; it can be only up to 0.7mm thick in the case of Akoya pearls.
  • The satin-like luster is created due to the effects of the warm waters it grows in.
  • It features a wide range of colors including golden, silver, and white.

Some of the South Sea pearls can be larger than 20mm, but the average diameter is 12mm. Only up to a maximum of 30% of harvest can be near round or perfectly round. Premium designer jewelry usually features droplet or baroque shaped pearls.

Thus, South Sea pearls are the ideal choice for those who want to wear exotic designer jewelry. These pearls are larger in size, richer in looks, and are available with different overtones, making them versatile. And when looking for the finest of these pearls, it is recommended to visit