Gold chains are commonly used to entirely encircle the parts of our body. These can be worn around neck, wrists, ankles. There is a huge collection of these kinds and are mostly known for the decorative charms they possess. It is quite easy to find most of these online such as gold pendant set or gold chains. Unlike other kinds of chains available in the market, these are designed for aesthetic purposes only. These kinds of jewelry chain are mostly made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver or others. These kind of metals are non-reactive and can easily be carved into a suitable shape and style while possessing their strength and maintaining the shine. In fact, they do not require to maintain any maintenance at all. There are small fastenings at the back or side to open or put on the chains.

The Variety of Gold Ornaments

Gold is considered an asset and loved by women of all ages. This has been a part of our tradition since the old days. The variety of these ornaments are really striking and there is a huge market for this. We can find the best ones from these at the best prices. As gold is becoming expensive so many financial companies and gold shops are coming up with different schemes so that it becomes easy for the customers to buy gold jewelry. Gold, as considered to be one of the most precious kinds of ornaments is the best thing to offer to a loved one. If you are wondering about gifts to be given out to relatives or special ones this festive seasons then gold is the perfect choice for you.

Some of the common styles in gold jewelry:

  • A Belcher Chain:As the name goes it is quite similar to a belcher. Usually, the links are round shaped and linked to each other in a continuous chain.
  • Curb chain: This kind of chain makes it easy to link to each other when laid on a flat surface. This style of the chain has some variety in its width that is from millimetres to over centimetres.
  • Prince of Wales: This kind of a chain has a twisting look which is because of the small circular links used. Here, every single link has around four other links joined to it.
  • Anchor chain:The anchor chain looks exactly like the anchor of a ship except that you put it around your neck and it is made of gold. The interlinking sections may be of different curb or style.
  • Snake:A snake chain is a very tight-linked chain that has a round or square cross-section and has links that create a slight zigzag look. Most of the 10-gram gold chains are available online.
  • Herringbone:This chain that has the greatest liquid effect, formed from v-shaped links to lie entirely flat. One side can be engraved for greater aesthetics, and thin strands of herringbone can be twisted or even plaited together.