People who love anything handmade, you will not miss having pieces of handmade jewelry in your collection. Handmade jewelry is a result of great care, attention to details and dedicated time. Because of the intricacy in making handmade pieces, they are usually limited edition which makes them even more special. Owning some of these pieces will surely make your daily life a bit brighter.

If you collect handmade jewelry, you don’t usually appreciate how the items look. Rather, you can appreciate the skill, effort and time which goes into their making. You see the story behind them and handmade jewelry makers will want you to see a bit of that story. If you still don’t have handmade jewelry in your collection, you might want to know some things about this piece:

It Takes Time to Make Them

Making handmade jewelry is done by hand. Because of this, it requires an incredible amount of time to produce a single piece. The making can usually take weeks.

The Maker Has an Intimate Relationship with their Work

Handmade jewelry makers create their design or piece seriously and thus keep an intimate relationship with what they are doing. Their design speaks of the value of every piece. They know each curve and line that they place with intention. Artisans and makers infuse energy and love into every piece of work.

Handmade Jewelry is Made from High-Quality Materials

While mass production factories blend together dirty metals to come up with custom pieces, handmade materials are typically sourced from reputable suppliers. Every material used is well-thought about to ensure they are of stellar quality. Moreover, these makers are usually dedicated to sustainability and materials that are ethically sourced.

The Piece has a Definition

Handmade jewelry can only be called handmade when it is hand formed from start to finish. Thus, its making involves manual labor and manual methods. Such definition makes handmade jewelry pieces really special.

Small Scale Products is Usually Higher Quality

This is because the ability to control and track the process of making handmade jewelry pieces is inherent in the process itself. Artisans and makers take pride in their work. They will not allow something subpar leave their shop with their name on it.

They are Made Locally

There is a significant value in supporting local artisans and makers of handmade jewelry. Together with the additional value inherent in the piece, you are getting a unique product. Your chosen handmade jewelry maker can create a piece that has no duplicates. This means that you are the only person who has that specific piece.

Whether it is a ring, necklace, or bracelet, handmade is more than just a process. It is about the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. A piece of handmade jewelry is not something you will wear today and toss aside the next day.  It is an heirloom that you will want your children, grandchildren and the next generation of your family to use in the years to come.

If you are buying a handmade piece of jewelry, keep in mind that although you are making an investment, you are also supporting something bigger. It should make you feel good knowing you own a special piece of art made by an artist in your collection. For a wide selection of beautiful handmade jewelry, check out Myel design.