Personally printing t-shirts or getting then printed with self-made designs are the new vogue of the time. Moreover, it just not about how well you are at designing, determining the patterns for your t-shirts is a whole new level.

It often seen that one gets all set for design an artwork for his/her t-shirt but couldn’t yield something satisfying even after investing hours and hours after it. And it’s all due to lack of some awesome yet simple hacks.

Use of PMS Colours

You can frame your artwork in varied colour modes, but the most preferred one to yield the most accurate colouring that will be compatible with the screener is best done through PMS colours. They make colour separation extremely convenient.

Use Outlines for Your Texts

While sending your t-shirt for printing with your finalized text design, always opt for converting the texts in to outlines so that the computer is able to view it as an artwork without substitution.

Make the Design Of Real Size

In spite of going for the judgement of the printer, opt for making the design of real size. This is so because the assumption of the printer in zooming the artwork might vary from what you actually planned in your head.

Make the Vectors Your Best Friend

The more deliberately you use the vectors, the better it gets during the time of colour separation. It just not gets simpler as such but even the detailing are printed desirably on such case.

These above ideas are more than enough to help you create an artwork on your t-shirt that you will be proud of for a long time. But eventually, the more you know the better it gets. And as such if you desire to make your artwork a greater illustration, then visit this site for the best ideas possible.