In hair extension, colored hair extension is one of the most popular features. Colored hair extension means that the hair that is used in the hair extension is colored. There are many options of color that can be found. In using this kind of hair extension, you cannot just pick any color to be match with your hair. Picking the wrong color will make your own hair and hair extension match unnaturally and people will easily notice the extension. Therefore, there are some simple guides that can be followed to apply colored hair extension.

Choosing The Hair Extension

Choosing the type of hair extension is the first step in applying colored hair extension. There are two types of hair extension based on what material that is used to make the hair extension. It will dramatically influence the color that applied in the hair extension. Synthetic hair extension uses fiber or plastic in producing the hair extension. When it is colored, it will look too bright and unnatural. The best material to make hair extension is human hair, this type of hair extension could be bought at Hairexten. When human hair is colored, it will look natural and perfectly match with your colored hair.

Matching The Hair Extension With your Hair

Matching the color with your own hair is very important step. Matching the color of the hair extension with your hair is one alternative that you choose. It means that you need to choose hair extension hat have same or matched color with your own hair. You need to compare the end of your hair with the hair extension so the transition will look smooth and seamless. There are many options that you can choose. Ombre style is relatively easer to be match with many kinds of hair. You just need to match the first color of the hair extension with your hair.

Matching Your Hair with the hair extension

When finding the color that match to your hair seems to be quite frustrating, the second alternative can be quite helpful and easier. Instead of matching the color of hair extension with your hair, you can color your own hair with same color that matches with hair extension that you like. It will give your more freedom in choosing many kinds of color in the hair extension.

Applying and Styling the Colored Hair Extension

In order to make it look more natural, it is recommended that you also style the hair extension. Get more tips on for more knowledge. The Style will perfectly and smoothly covers the transition between your real hair and the extension.

That’s all simple guide that you can easily follow. Hopefully, this information can help you when you want to use colored hair extension.