If you ask anyone which is the best country in the world that makes the best watches, the average will say Switzerland because of all of the most recognizable brands like Rolex, LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Jaeger. But look across Germany, when Berlin came down on November 9th, 1989, probably very few people would have already envisioned the fascinating coming back of the German high-end watchmaking. Yet, only one year historic and dramatic moment, December 7th, 1990, Walter Lange registered the company Lange Uhren GmbH again- exactly 145 years after its first founding after the brand had disappeared in Socialist East Germany. Since the places like Glashutte and Schaumberg have gained respect again for fascinatingly made timepieces. Yet, people say Switzerland influenced German watchmaking, but looking at the historical contribution of both countries, Germany was always first.


German watches are distinctively unique and classy. Every watch design is influenced by the Bauhaus Philosophy with a minimalist approach and the idea that form follows function. The work on movements is often instantly recognizable with characteristics features such as a three-quarters plate, distinctive regulators, refined jeweling or the use of German silver.


Though the Swiss manufacturers are the best in the world, German watchmaking offers customers around the world more choices. The German watches are distinctively unique, often- purpose-built with innovation both inside and outside the case. This should not be surprising given the reputation Germany has for its superb engineering and craftsmanship as compared to Switzerland. The German tradition of metalworking is still alive and watches cases are renowned for its durability and precision tolerances.


All in all, German watches run the gamut from eminently affordable to expensive based largely on the material used, the extent to which movements are developed, built and decorated in-house availability and exclusivity. This means, whether you’re looking for a durable watch or an expensive one, a German watch is a true buy.

Best German Watch Brand

In Germany, the Glashutte is a small town and is famous for watchmaking. If you really want to wear a German watch and don’t know which brand is gaining compliments nowadays, then go for Nomos Glashutte. This brand has a main focus on durability, design and modern techniques. Many German watch brands uses Swiss movements. But this brand occupies the ratified stratus of a true watch manufacturer, designing and building all of their own movements in the house along with that this brand somehow manages to remain downright affordable, making their watches a great entry point for collectors of fine German timepieces. Hence, Nomos watches perhaps the strongest adherent to the Bauhaus school of design with simple, steel corrosion resistant, simple dial, and case. And all the movements are assembled twice; first to ensure proper operation, then disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with all new screws.

The Bottom line;

Though Switzerland is one of the biggest watchmaking countries. Today, Germany as a supplying country, it exports dials, straps, cases, and high precision machinery like the CNC routers all over the world- also to Switzerland. It’s clear that customers can get more varieties of German watches as compared to Swiss watches at relatively affordable prices.