I get my nails and toenails done about once a month since I have a place to get pedicure near me. Besides, when I don’t get a pedicure, my feet start looking bad.

History of pedicure

A pedicure treatment is done to rejuvenate worn and tired feet. The history of pedicures began in ancient Egypt. Carvings found in Egypt were created by an official of one of the Egyptian pharaohs showing the representation of people getting manicures and pedicures. This word “pedicure” comes from the Latin word “pes” that mean foot, and “cura” that means care. Pedicures are still popular today to prevent nail disorders and diseases as well as to improve posture because the feet are smoothed and relaxed.


Reflexology is the act of pressure being applying to the feet and hands with hand techniques that are base on the reflex and zone areas that affect other body parts that are connected. An image of the foot maps out the areas where various body parts are represented, for example the shoulders, spine, arms and so on. Reflexology helps to decrease stress and although technicians in spas might not be reflexologists, the outcome of their pedicures mirrors the outcomes of treatments of reflexology, since they share the same goals such as relaxation and rejuvenation.


Pedicures and manicures are both good treatments for stress-relieving that provide relaxation, leave you feeling revitalized and produce softer skin. Oils and lacquers used on toenails as well as fingernails also offer your nails with longevity and stronger. You can also give yourself manicures and pedicures at home, which will save money and give you time to yourself to unwind and respond to your body’s need for pampering.

Big month

This is the month when more women get pedicures and manicures since they are celebrating kids going back to school. So, go treat yourself! You are probably worn down with the kids being home from school and going in and out and getting into trouble for things they should not be doing. This is the most exciting month of the school year – especially for moms.