There’s been a recent buzz that has started around a new league of clothing, the organic clothing. As a fashion enthusiast and a generally updated person, it’s quite obvious that you, too, must have heard about it. If you’ve been intrigued with the concept too, then, we have the answers. 

Here’s the deal with organic clothing – they’re environment friendly, chemical free, and they come in rich colors and textures since these are made of natural fabrics. If you’re someone who likes the texture of organic cotton and fleece too, then, you’d love the 5 organic apparels by Lowell MTL that we have listed below. 

Organic Clothing for Men 

1. Sweatshirt Classique by Nil Apparel

This is a super-soft sweatshirt sweater that comes in a stunning range of colors – maroon, olive green, black, blue, and white. 

  • It has full sleeves with fitted cuffs. 
  • It has a very comfortable finish.
  • It can be worn for long hours since it’s very lightweight and breathable. 

2. Short Sleeve T-shirt by Paradigme

This stunning comfortable short sleeves T-shirt comes in a wide range of colors – maroon, green, off-white, and black. It’s a stellar T-shirt with the following features. 

  • This is a 9 oz 100% organic jersey that makes it super light to wear. 
  • It is pre-washed and pre-shrunk. 
  • It has an elegant simple design and it is crease resistant too. 

3. Loungewear Pants by Paradigme 

These super comfortable organic pants in hues of blue and white have the following features. 

  • They’re knitted pants made with organic fleece from Montreal. 
  • They have a comfortable fit.
  • The seams are made extra strong with the help of coverstitching. 
  • The cord strings for tightening are made of 100% organic cotton. 
  • The brand’s logo under the left pocket looks extremely trendy and  classy. 

Organic Clothing for Women 

4. Crew Neck Sweater by Paradigme

This beautiful crew neck sweater is an 18-ounce cozy sweater that’s perfect for autumns. 

  • It is knitted in Montreal and the material is 100% organic fleece. 
  • It has a relaxed comfortable fit and it’s slightly stretchable too. 
  • It looks absolutely stunning with the brand’s logo displayed on the heart side. 

5. Baleine T-shirt by Swenn

This unisex T-shirt is super lightweight and available in dark grey. Here’s what makes this organic T-shirt such a stunner. 

  • It’s a screen printed piece of art. 
  • It’s made of 100% organic cotton that’s certified by GOTSA. 

All in all, buying organic clothes will actually give your fashion statement a new angle of style that you never knew you had.