Buying an engagement ring for your beloved doesn’t have to be complicated, especially in Montreal. From ready options to customized designs, there is an array of choices. Local stores and brands, such as Atelier Lou, specialize in customized diamond engagement rings, and if you want to order here, don’t miss this guide below. 

  1. Start with a budget. For engagements, diamonds are your best pick for any ring. The center stone, or the solitaire, is likely to cost the most, although other aspects, like band diamonds, metal selected, and custom elements may add to the price. Keep a final budget in mind, so that you can discuss your requirements and designs accordingly. 
  2. Don’t forget the 4Cs. Buying diamonds is all about 4Cs – cut, color, carat, and clarity. Being a natural stone, the color of diamonds may vary, and this is usually rated on a grade between D and Z, with D being a colorless diamond. The cut is where the sparkle comes, and this is probably the only aspect that needs more attention. Clarity refers to the inclusions in the stone, and it’s rated between “flawless” and “included”. Look for options in VS and SI categories. Carat is the weight of the diamond, and not its size (as many believe). If shine matters to you, look for a diamond solitaire ring that ranks high on color chart and cut grade. 
  3. Customizing the ring. Jewelry stores in Montreal often offer incredible ideas for customizing engagement ring, but if you have a concept or idea in mind, you can always consider discussing the same. Keep in mind that the cost of the ring will also depend on the elements. For example – A yellow gold ring may cost less than a platinum one. Also, prices of diamonds vary quite drastically and change from time to time. 

Other things that matter

For buying customized diamond engagement rings, there’s a 5th C that matters – certifications. Always buy graded and certified diamonds, which are an assurance of investment. Also, select a local Montreal jewelry store that you can trust. Experience of the jeweler, and the extent to which they can customize diamond rings are pointers to consider. Allow their design experts to suggest ideas, and if you want to replicate someone’s ring, they can add their custom touch to the design as you may want. 

Many jewelry stores also accept orders online, so you can opt for that too.