As time progresses, there is also a need for business strategies to level up. With all the eminent use of technology and innovation, it is not a surprise that most businesses nowadays include the utilization of computers and technology. When we want to step up our game, particularly when we own a spa and salon business, the need for being relevant is immense and the desire to be at the peak of the salon business world is also nerve-racking. Worrying about what the future brings isn’t helping. Instead, we need to think of something that will help mold the future of our salon business.

When we are thinking of purchasing nail salon equipment that we need in our salon business, we should avail it from the best establishments that offer nothing but high-quality and top-rated products. Now that people are more aware of the newest trends in nail designs and styles, it should be more likely compulsory for us to ready ourselves in adapting these trends. Purchasing the best and excellent nail salon supplies will not only help us generate more customers but it will also build our brand to become more flourish and more prominent.

There is only one nail salon warehouse that provides nothing but top of the line nail salon furniture, there goes MAX Beauty Source to the scene. Offering us eclectic array of nail products, we couldn’t ask for more! With these professional nail supply and materials, it will guarantee us better service, great results, and happy customers. One good deal that they offer is they also let us do wholesale nail supplies. From nail accessories to nail dipping powders, to nail equipments, we can always count on this salon warehouse to provide what we need in our business.

The following are just some of the newest and hottest trends that the public is becoming engrossed with. Since nails salon business is now one of the hottest business that seems to take over the public by storm, here are the nail dipping powder products that our customers will surely love:


  • Cuccio dip powder system – It was developed by the professionals, for the professionals. One of the newest ways to break into the mold of the nail salon business, it promises a lasting color to the customers with up to two weeks of professional-looking nails. With specially-made resins, contemporary activator, and highly pigmented powders, our customers will surely find this attractive and worthy of their pennies. With over 50 powder shades of the customer’s choice, trying out this one is definitely and most recommended.

  • Nugenesis dip powder system – One of the best choices in terms of quality among the nail dip powders. Nail experts and nail technicians will find it efficient and more aesthetic-wise to use. Either way, all the nail dipping powders seem alright and fine to use, as long as it’s our customer’s preference.

  • Revel nail dip powder system – A safe and healthy alternative with acrylic nails that was developed by a group of nail professionals with technology innovation. This system is very easy to work with and use, plus, it does something great with the nails, making it look more attractive and beautiful.

  • Gelish dip powder system – Our customers sometimes would go for a more natural and low-key look of their nails, if that happens, they oftentimes request for gelish dip powder to be applied to them. If you want an acrylic dip system like no other, then this soak-off gel polish brand is the best brand for us. Great results wait as we apply this type of dip powder system.

  • OPI powder system – Also known as OPI Perfection Dipping System, this is one of the bests that ever surface in the name of the nail dipping powder system. Powder perfection. Fast drying. Acrylic Revamp. Plus the fact that it is fast, odor-free, and easier one to apply. Our customers would be very happy to know that we have an acrylic dip that is odor-free and friendly with the environment.

  • Triple V vitamin dip system – Off to a more health-conscious approach. This newly arise dip system provides highly-refined powder coverage that is friendly with the nails.

All these and more from MAX Beauty Source. Visit their website to know more of them and the services they offer.