In the middle of the last century, a garment was conceived that arose from the modification of the sweater or pullover. Based on the protection provided by the mens sweatshirts, an extension was added at the top, called hood to protect the head of the rain or the intense sun. There are models in which this hood has on the outer edge with internal strips, which when joined and fastened around the face gives us more protection.

It is known in other countries with different names, such as t-shirt or hoodie. Initially, the term is derived from the English word sweatshirt, which means shirt to sweat. Hence, it is used, mainly, to perform exercises, since being a wide garment gives us ease of movement.

Also, some designs have a large pocket on the front, there are also models that are open, jacket type, with a closure that goes from the waist to the neck and small pockets on both sides. In some cases, the pockets are closed for security, as this garment is used for running and sports activities, which could lose what we keep in them.

They can be combined with jeans to have an informal outfit, but they are perfect with jogging pants, which will give the necessary style to practice some sport. They are made of soft cotton or polyester, which offers comfort and freshness, with the advantage of being fabrics that dry easily.

Several years ago it was used, preferably, by the student population, who used it as a uniform, placing the logo of the Institution to differentiate it from the others, with the passage of time, remained as a garment for gymnastics and outdoor activities.

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