Gemstone hearing is the favourite piece of jewellery of many men and women. This is because gemstones can be customised according to the preference of a person. That is why many jewellers specially put a lot of their gemstones for display as people like to buy it more than gold. But do you know that you can make gemstone earrings on your own in your home? A lot of effort is not required to make gemstone earrings because the process is not at all complicated like other pieces of jewellery. Here are the steps that will help you.

Use gemstones to make attractive stud earrings

  • Select the gemstone

To make gemstone earrings you have to select the gemstone for you to work on. There are many gemstones available in jewellery shops. There are different types of stones and they are available in many sizes and colours. Therefore choose the one that you like. For instance, if you are working on pearls you have to select the correct size for you to make the earrings as there are many sizes available with the jewellers. There are also many colours available in pearls like pastel, pink, white, black etc.

  • Making the gemstones ready

This is the process that will help you to stick the gemstones to the earring post. The gemstone may not stick with the earring post properly as it has a smooth surface. So, use sandpaper to roughen the surface of the gemstone as well as the earring post. Then apply the glue and see if it sticks well. Then use a brush to clean the surface of the gemstone and the earring pad as sandpaper can leave a residue.

  • Applying glue

This is the last step to make gemstone earrings. You have to apply jewellery glue in the earring pad and stick the gemstone in it. You have to take care to apply only the suitable amount of glue. If you apply more then it will be sticky and will make a mess. Then stick the earring pad and the gemstone together till it sticks well. Now your stud gemstone earrings are ready.

Use gemstones to make gorgeous dangler earrings

  • Use wire to make gemstone dangler earrings

There are wires of gold and silver available and you can use them to make gemstone earrings. Take the wire and insert it in the gemstones which have holes. Then use the pliers to bend the wire. You can form loop shape in the wire and the gemstone has to be in the middle.

  • Fix it up

After creating the loop you have to tighten the edges with a plier. This will make it intact. If you want more gemstone in the danglers you can add more on the loop. But this may take practice and time.

  • Use wire cutters to cut the extra wire and insert small beads

If there are some extra wires use a wire cutter. This will give your gemstone danglers look perfect. If you have small gemstone beads you can insert it to either side of the main gemstone. This will make the main gemstone to stay in one place.


These are the steps you can use to make gemstone earrings. There are many designs of creating earrings which you can use to create gemstone earrings. If you keep on doing this you will become a professional earring maker. So use your time to create gemstone earrings which suits your style. It gives you the benefit of creating earrings for each dress you wear.