The style of fashion that imposes Los Angeles reigns the catwalks of haute couture worldwide. It is considered by the world as the perfect city regarding dressmaking. Replacing New York, London, Paris and even Milan, the classic cities considered previous years as the fashion capitals. Following this style Jovani Los Angeles imposes a rebellious and freestyle, with a fresh and innovative attitude, above all very sure of itself.

Some believe that this success lies in not forcing anything, because its real face is shown, the essence of the city is reflected in the design of its garments. The combination of good weather, hot days, beach, surf, celebrities, streets full of palm trees and, above all, a healthy and cheerful life result in a casual and carefree fashion. Therefore, Jovani, considering this cool side of Los Angeles, decided to be part of this land of red carpets.

About Jovani

Based in the heart of New York City’s garment district, Jovani Fashion was founded in 1980 by Jacob Maslavi. was established in the year of 1990 in New York City. This family business has grown into a superpower fashion, world-renowned for tailored, designer dresses for any special occasion. Jovani evening and formal wear you have expanded into fashion for any occasion in a woman’s life

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At Jovani we know how important the right formal dresses are. Our loyal customers trust us with their eleven in a lifetime events because we understand the creative sensibility that makes designer dresses stand out from the rest.

Our dress designers have a passion for creating stunning, perfectly tailored dresses for all occasions, and this is the Jovani difference. The Jovani philosophy is built on our mission: to create striking formal dresses for our customers who are always best dressed.

Why settle for the rack when you have tailored designer dresses made especially for you? The always best-dressed woman cannot and will not accept anything less than perfection: that’s why she chooses Jovani dresses.

Los Angeles stands out in any field. The convergence of its location, climate, celebrities,  paparazzi, the red carpets and the coexistence of all the visual referents of the big screen, can only result in setting trends worldwide. In this city, the parameters of formality are broken giving unique designs.

But, despite being innovative season after season, LA trends always returns to the starting point, to their basic style, like the maxi dress, which is chic, fresh and essential; shorts, jeans, polo shirts with retro prints, having a predilection for rock bands. Sunglasses, a must have, have to accompany all these essential styles. It is a city where the sun shines all year, so being fresh and fashion is a rule. Not only the vintage is found on the sidewalks full of palm trees, but the red and well-tailored Baywatch swimsuits have returned to their beaches, referring to the legendary series of the 90s.

However, although they start from the basics to set trends in the innovative, you can not define a style as such in L.A., where everything goes, but everything relaxed and with plenty of emotion. Glamour itself is permeated in the DNA of the city.

The “fashion scene” of Los Angeles is being nourished by a new group of designers from all over the world. They help the city’s trend to be innovative year after year. Well, these young talents go to the town looking for inspiration. And they have found it; the city moves you both in the day and in the night. The sun in combination with the sea breeze, the sound of the air when brushing the top of the palm trees, the sound of the cars, become their muse. It is impossible not to get inspired by the brightness of the moon in a starry sky on summer nights.

Los Angeles is the perfect city in every way. And the fashion world has decided to make it their capital because there are plenty of reasons.