Blending your clip in extensions when you have short hair is one thing but to blend them in to make them appear as natural as your real hair is another. It’s not always easy but by following a few simple tips, your new hair extensions will look completely natural, and nobody will ever be able to tell them apart from your real hair!

Cut, Trim & Layer

With short hair, the most vital part of blending in your hair extensions WELL is to add layers. It may feel as though it’s just a waste of time and money to cut off inches of your extension set that you just bought, but the fact is every inch you cut, trim and layer is well worth it in the end. If you’re adding long extensions to your short hair without adding layers to them, there’s a good chance that they might be too noticeable. By layering and trimming your extensions to your haircut, you’ll make a world of a difference to the appearance of your hair.

Just remember that your hair extensions will not grow back, therefore, if you don’t think you can cut them straight or have never layered your own hair before, you should get them trimmed by a professional stylist. We advise taking in your set of EH Hair Extensions to an experienced hairstylist and having them do it for you. The last thing you want to do is to cut your extensions uneven or too short, only to have to purchase another set!

How to Choose the Right Colour

  • Colour your hair into one solid shade to match the set shade you like.
  • Purchase hair extensions that match the ends of your natural hair.
  • Make sure that the extensions you’re interested in buying match the lightest area of your hair colour.

Thickness Counts

One more thing to remember is to consider the weight of your hair extensions before you purchase them. If your hair is thick and short, you will probably need a thicker set of extensions for them to blend naturally. The thickness of the hair extensions set will guarantee that the changeover between the extensions and the ends of your hair is seamless and smooth. Purchasing a set of extensions that aren’t quite thick enough will make your extensions very noticeable.

Curl Your Set

Even though hair extensions can look incredible when their left straight; making brand new natural curls or waves can help your hair extensions blend in nicely and look even more natural than your real hair. Well, that’s it — all of our best tips and tricks to transforming your short hair to beautiful and long natural looking hair you’ve always wanted.