Social media has also changed parenting, you may find somewhere on your Facebook feed, anyone they could either be your friend, relative or just a random person who uploaded a picture of their toddler or make a status about their child then this is part of the change social media brought.

Before you complain, you should learn how social media changed the phase of parenting and how it affects families these days, a lot of kids these days would rather post something on their wall to express themselves and their emotions rather than talk to you or you as a parent would somewhat ignore your child’s whining and focus more on your social media account. You would monitor your child through what they post on social media rather than being with them personally. In order for you to learn how social media changed parenting nowadays, I have listed down some of it.


In a more positive manner, social media has brought people closer together especially parents who works overseas. Through social media they can build constant communication and strengthen their relationships by chatting, live video conversations and a lot more ways. If you would ask your mom or dad how they were able to overcome all the challenges during their younger lives, they would tell you that it was pretty tough. For sure emails and texting was not available during their time and communicating with loved ones was pretty difficult that is why in some ways, social media has also created communication and interaction between family members, besides, social media was primarily designed to bring people closer together.  On the downside, social media has erased the importance of privacy.


Social media is already considered a community, a vast one that connects people all around the world and unlike before, your voice could be heard clearer and your opinion matters through commenting and liking or disliking someone’s posts or pictures. Nowadays, it is easier for people to showcase their interests and the things that get them annoyed. Social media has also created a way to find people who have the same interest, political views and beliefs as you that is why there are a lot of social media groups, pages, and organizations that sprouted everywhere, which on a more positive note made the world smaller and brings people closer together.


Because of social media, a lot of unheard voices have already got the attention of the world. People from all walks of life with different beliefs, sexual preferences and political views have been heard and accepted for what they are. As a parent you might notice that your child is more expressive on social media rather than in person; it may be healthy because your child is expressing what they truly feel and what they really are. In social media, there is no such thing as discrimination, everyone who uses it has their own place, their own wall and newsfeed where they can express their feelings, follow people and groups that influences them and become more active in expressing their opinions and beliefs compared to before.


Because of social media and the internet, you and your child can easily access everything you want to know and learn. Aside from communication, social media also brought tons of information many people are not aware of. Some people may be caught off-guard while some may learn from it and accept it that is why a lot of people who has different advocates, political groups, educational institution posts information about different topics and things that might be useful to keep us updated and aware of the things happening around the world. For instance, as a parent if you have a newborn, you could easily find baby shops online since social media also offers pages featuring top brands of baby gear.

There are privacy and security settings to keep your child away from bad sites but talking to them and reminding them the good and bad side of the internet is still the most important thing.