Certain things in your closet and home are like investments. You buy once and hope to retain the product for years to come. Fur items are certainly among them. Whether you are looking at a blanket for extra warmth, or want to make a statement in that impressive jacket, real fur is hard to replace. In Canada, brands like Wolfie Fur have made a niche that’s hard to replicate. While some people are concerned about the negative press that fur often gets, we give you real reasons to wear and own the real thing. 

The feel is incredible

If you are in fabrics and materials, you can tell almost instantly if something is made of real fur or faux materials. Faux fur, no matter how good, doesn’t ever feel like fur, and you cannot replicate that feeling of either comfort or warmth. If you live in a region that’s prone to extreme weather, there is no way that you can actually consider replacing real fur, because it adds warmth and can be worn all day long. 

Timeless appeal

Many fashion experts admit, and we agree, that the beauty of real fur is timeless. You can buy an expensive fur coat today and expect to wear it a decade down the line and feel as warm, beautiful and comfortable. Beyond doubt, real fur is an investment, and if you think in terms of expenses alone, you will actually save money. For instance, if you get faux fur, you have to replace the product after a few uses, and eventually, that will cost more. A real fur coat, jacket, or blanket will retain the look. 

Varied options

When it comes to real fur clothing, personal outfits, coats, and blankets, there is no dearth of options. From fox and coyote furs, to beaver and lynx furs, there are all sorts of choices, depending on the kind of fur you want. Designs, prints, colors, and shades are also as varied, and many brands keep updating their collection of products, so you can expect to find something new to own. 

Now that we have discussed the benefits and appeal of real fur, go ahead and start shopping. Check online for brands that don’t compromise on the quality of fur products they manufacture, and you can always pay a tad more, knowing that this is a small gift that will retain its charm over the years.