The alluring and magnificent south sea pearls are nature’s gem gifted to mankind. Out of all the available pearls across the globe, they are above all. Cultured in Australia’s deep seas, the South Sea pearls have the most amazing gold and white shine. It would be more appropriate to say that while the other kinds of pearls shine, these pearls glow. You have to be a smart buyer and gather as much information as possible about them and make the right decision before buying any jewelry made out of those pearls.

There are few observations which can be made by the buyer before buying them, which will help him/her to determine the quality of the South Sea Pearls.

Shine or Luster:These pearls are popular for their extraordinary shine. The shine of any kind of pearls is determined by the thickness or depth of the nacre; means the coating or the layer which makes up the pearl. The high quality south sea pearls with thick nacre have a shine like a mirror. This makes them pricey. Some may have thin nacre and their shine is foggy and dull. To check the quality of these pearls, you can leave them on a table and look for your clear reflection from twenty inches away. Clearer the reflection, higher the quality of the pearls.

Shape: The shape of these pearls might not be perfectly round. They are available in different shapes like oval, semicircle, drop, and button. Because the perfectly round shaped pearls are rarely available they are expensive.

Shade or Color: A wide range of shades are available for South sea pearls varying from gold, white, yellow, silver and shades with tint of blue, pink and green. Out of all colors, the shiny golden colored pearls are most valuable and expensive. The pearls with white hues are also priced high. When buying jewelry made of South sea pearls, the ladies should consider their complexion. The ones with darker complexion should go for bright golden pearls and those with fair complexion should buy pearls with white hues.

Surface: There might be some imperfection on the surface of the pearls, because they are natural creations. There are few pearls which have flawlessly perfect surface and these pearls are priced a way too high. These imperfections decide the grades of these pearls. The imperfection might be very small and almost unnoticeable and they may be large and clear. While buying the jewelry, make sure that these flaws are examined carefully.

Size: These pearls are available ranging from the size 10mm to 15mm. Larger sized pearls are also available which measures 16mm-20mm. They are more valuable and priced higher. They can be bought according to the personal choice.

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