Glasses can make a major difference to the way someone looks. They are just like an additional feature on the face, which if, chosen wrongly can adversely affect one’s personality. Therefore, it’s very important to pick the right frames. If a particular frame is looking perfect on someone’s face that doesn’t mean it will go well with your face shape too. There will always be a few different factors that you will need to consider while shopping for the perfect frames.

So in order to blend with the trend, here are some things you shouldn’t miss while looking for that perfect pair.

  • Your Face Shape Is Important, Do Consider It: You cannot wear all the frames. There has to be one pick that suits your face perfectly. For this, it is important to have a clear idea about your face shape. Depending on whether it’s round, square, oval or triangular, you should make your purchase. As wearing the right frame will enhance the look of your face.
  • A Frame That Compliments Well With Your Personality: Do you know your eyewear can say a lot about your personality? Not just this, today it’s possible to choose a frame as per different moods. Whether you are a minimalist, trendy, sporty or have an affinity for funky bohemian fashion, there’s a frame for everyone out there.

From edgy colors like neon, yellow or sapphire blue to designer picks from top brands, there’s a frame to suit every personality. Alain Assedo Opticien has been delivering such fashionable and trend-setting frames from quite a long time now and can help you with your fashion needs.

  • Your Skin Tone Also Matters: Finding that perfect pair of glasses not just depends on your face shape or persona. Your skin tone also plays a vital role. Contrast the frame according to your skin tone for that eye-catching look. For instance, warm complexions can go with shades of brown, beige and olive green or light tortoise whereas a cool skin tone should opt for black, silver, blue or mauve frames. People with neutral tone can pull off any color frame.
  • Lifestyle Is Another Important Factor: Before you decide on the type of frames you want for yourself, take a close look at your lifestyle. Think about the activities you’ll be doing while wearing them and then accordingly make a choice.

Just keep these factors in mind and get yourself that perfect pair.