Pearl is a valuable gem that depicts purity, romance and feminism. It is also considered the defeater of Moon. Therefore, not only is it a jewellery stone, but also an astrological gem that provide stability and serenity in life. Pearl as a jewellery can be worn by both men and women. Since pearl is an important part of fashion world, therefore designers aren’t only limited to jewellery, but are using this gem in various other accessories like purses, bags, shoes, jackets, tops, hairbands, bracelets etc.

PearlsOnly is an Australian Company that has brought revolution in the pearl industry ever since they launched their e-commerce business of designer pearls in 2003. Since they purchase directly from Japanese and Chinese farmers and processors, therefore there isn’t any doubt of its authenticity. They have exclusive designs of pearl accessories that can be gifted to daughters, mothers, and grandmothers as a precious token of love. You can click this link to know more about the pearl world.

Current fashion trend is all about layering pearl strands in hands and neck. The more you layer it the trendier it looks. Let’s study in detail the benefits of pearl necklace –

  • Layering of pearl necklace
  • Layering of pearl bracelet
  • Layering of pearl ring

Layering of pearl necklace

There are various ways of getting a feminine look as per your dress code. If in an office gathering, date, casual party or just visiting office, then layer multiple metal chains with pearl necklace with buttoned shirts or V-neckline. A single long strand of pearl can either be used as single necklace during formal events or can be folded as choker and another long round for casual event. A multiple layer of pearl strands is also available for any event irrespective of the occasion. You can also play with shade by keeping one strand of different pearl shades while remaining strands can of white shade.

Layering of pearl bracelet

Pearl bracelet can be worn at any place. If you want a very feminine look, then layer pearl strands and tie them up with a brooch on your wrist. Similarly, the same strand can be randomly layered numerous times on your wrist to make it look perfect with jeans and printed top. Pair white pearl bracelet with any other colour pearl bracelet or numerous metal bracelet.

Layering of pearl ring

Surprised to know that you can layer rings too? Well, fashion is all about versatility. You can stack it various other metal rings, but all the rings should have same metal and your pearl ring should be at the finger’s base. For a bold look, stack many rings with your pearl cocktail ring. Ensure that other rings have tin bands so that pearl ring is prominent.

Don’t overdo yourself by wearing all three together. Choose wisely, either go with simple pendant with layers of rigs or try layers of necklace with teardrop earrings.