The art of this sarees was innovated in Bhagalpur. These sarees were usually available in silk material and one can rest assured with quality. These sarees are made from particular silk fabric and certainly known as tusser silk. This special silk of the saree is also exported internationally and affectionately loved among all age groups. These sarees will look awesome on every age group women.

The excellent consistency of fabric of this saree is the emperor of all fabrics and comes in a flawless form. It has every aspect of Indian culture with vibrant natural environment touch. The stunning designs and prints on Bhagalpuri sarees have total a traditional touch. One could witness rare kind of weaving and finesse style of embroidery.

In the making of this saree, lot of artistic efforts are fuelled in to ensure the best outcome and give complete satisfaction. The fabric of this saree is lean and lightweight which gives you comfort zone and is very easy to carry. It can be worn on every occasion for formal or casual like religious functions, office wear etc. These sarees have delicate designs and intricate work which makes it more beautiful. This saree is affordable and are available in every range with friendly designs.

Here are the reasons why this saree is always in the limelight:

Why is it different from other sarees?

The saree is dyed in a different way which makes it unique from other designer sarees and printed ones. Nature inspired designs or geometric prints do attract millions of saree lovers to buy these forms of sarees.

Successful story:

Bhagalpur sarees make a very big business every year from every part of the country. Every people get involves in buying this saree.

Indian fashion designers taking an interest:

Fashion designers in India also love this saree. They are infusing traditional art of weaving and creating beautiful Bhagalpuri designer sarees in their latest collections. These sarees are totally in vogue to create a charismatic appeal for every feminine charm.


This saree is special and has a lot of varieties which enhance the beauty of its creativity and spread it to a higher level. It has diverse varieties like and different types of silk which makes the fabric rustic and offer the essence of lightness to the fabric. These varieties offer a fabric royal and elegant look captivating the designs and look of the saree beautifully.


Bhagalpuri silk sarees has spread in every generation and is loved by everyone. This silk fabric is also used for curtains, bed sheets, gowns etc.

Maintenance of the saree:

The maintenance of the saree is not difficult at all. You can hand wash it gently to keep the beauty and richness of the saree for the long period of time.

Sources of motivation:

These sarees are weaved with silk threads which are multicoloured with symbolic designs and motifs. With this process, they make the beautiful Bhagalpuri saree. The artwork in this saree is measured as traditional saree with great fabric and embroidery.