A woman who is typically specified by an apple-shaped body has fat at the abdomen side, and her legs are slim. One of the cons of having an apple-shaped body is you have no defined waist and average to large bust size. Due to irregular body shape issues, it is difficult for women to find the right dress that suits their bodies perfectly. This blog is also created for the luscious apple body shaped ladies who want to flatter their dresses beautifully. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best outfit for apple-shaped body or dresses for apple shaped plus size. We also tell you how to wear them in style.


There are four types of dresses which are only fabricated for women who have an apple-shaped body that we have mentioned below.

Swing dresses. A swing dress skims over your body and emphasizes your great legs. It’s an asymmetrical style dress that is perfect for you. If you don’t want to overwhelm your frame, then only purchase loose clothing based swing dresses. It hides your fluffy tummy and only flatters your legs. If you go for too much fabric, it will make you bulkier. Choose to purchase a V-neck, key-whole, and lower round neckline swing dress that makes you slim. Avoid high neck swing dresses because they emphasize your broad torso.

Skater Dresses.  We know an apple-shaped body type is one of the challenging ones to dress. But, Skater dress has made it easy for you. The design and pattern of the skater dress are the same as tunics, but they look more beautiful on you rather than tunics. Because it creates curves, skims your tummy, and shows off your legs. If you want to create an illusion of having a nip on your waist, a skater dress is an ideal choice for you.

Wrap dresses. The wraps dresses are the perfect solution for an apple-shaped body woman who wants to emphasize their bust and legs. There are a variety of wrap dresses come in different types of patterns and material to cater to the needs of the women. You will short, long and medium length based wrap dresses or if you are unsure about the body size, you can customize it as per your suitability.

Full-Skirted Dresses: These are the dresses that are fabricated with the flared skirts that help you to look slim and beautiful. These dresses draw the focus on the legs and make your shoulder slim. If you have a broad shoulder and slim legs then the full-skirted dress is an ideal choice for you.

Things to consider while choosing the dresses for an apple-shaped plus size


Now you know what type of dresses you can wear if you have an apple-shaped body. But, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing dresses.

We need to point out that these are not hard rules; the only reason mentioned here is to help our women to get the perfect piece of dress.

Choose empire lines:


If you choose the dresses which come with empire lines, it elongates your legs and highlights the narrowest part of your body. Empire lines dresses are the most flattering dresses and give you the best lady look.

Choose V-neckline

The specialty of the v-neckline dresses is they elongate your broad frame.

Opt for the dresses that cinch at your waist

These dresses create beautiful curves and hide your full tummy area and emphasize your legs.

Peplums are your friend

Peplums with dresses help you to create a great waist.

Choose the dresses that come with color blocking

The color blocking is another perfect solution to create a curve in the waist.


Belt it!

Many women love to wear belts on their dresses to draw attention to the waist if you are not okay with a belt you can use ribbons.

Never prefer dresses which come with dropped waist

These dresses elongate your lack of waist.

Final Say


An apple-shaped body is not a problem; it’s a rejoice. There are a variety of dresses in numerous patterns, and designs are available for women whose sizes are not defined. They also have an opportunity to customize their dresses as per their suitability. Dresses mentioned above not only flatter your look but also make you confident in the middle of the party. You, Lady, don’t hesitate to elongate your legs and curves because the dresses like wrap, full-skirted, peplum, and skater skim over your skin, hide the tummy part and only highlight the legs and upper body part. You can also scroll the collection of the dresses at Yishion SG and pick the ones that you like.