As you all know that each state has its own bridal wear and so is Tamil Nadu which is very popular for silk sarees and especially for Kanjeevaram silk saree which is first choice of every South Indian bride. Along with Kanjeevaram, market is full with many other type of silk saree that will give you best look on your wedding day. For many silk saree is not just five or nine yard of cloth, but it often reflect heritage and culture of India. In fact, silk saree is something that you will not only find in grandma closet but also in modern wardrobe. This saree is something that will not go wrong whether you have planned to wear it in your wedding reception or at grand party.

Most of the wedding silk sari is even categorized according to their design, style and work done on its pallu and borders. Overall, any additional work done on it determines the value of any silk saree.

Buy sari online and enjoy best discount

Although, you will easily find variety of vibrant and colorful silk sari in market but if you are little tight with budget then can buy saree online. Many shopping sites are there which you can browse and buy one as per your like. In fact, you will find sarees in different shades, textures, patterns, designs and many more. Not only this, some party wear saree even have silver and golden brocade that will give you a glamorous look. The main benefit of shopping silk sari online is that you can enjoy better savings by getting best discount offer. In fact, if you have to plan to wear this saree in religious ceremony then can buy dharmavaram saree that truly depicts tradition through its unique motifs which include peacocks, elephants and even sometime designs of temple. In some of the saris, you will find art and design depicting Ajanta Elora caves.

List of best bridal sarees

Among a long list of variety of silk sarees, here are some of the most demandable bridal and wedding wear sarees that will definitely enhance your beauty:

Bandhni silk saree: This silk saree is very popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan and is opted by many Rajasthani brides. This saree is designed by traditional method of dye and tie popularly called as Bandhej. By using dye and tie method different designs and patterns can be formed on sari. In fact, Bandhni silk saree are mostly produced in Jaipur.

Crape silk saree: This fabric is characterized by shiny and pebbly surface. This is because of twisted threads and yarns that give crape silk saree an unique texture. This type of saree is light weight, even expensive as well. In fact, crape de chine is finest and most expensive crape silk.

Muga silk saree: This is the most rarest and expensive form of silk saree which comes from beautiful city of Assam. This silk is yellow golden in color and in Assamese Muga means yellow. This saree is almost as expensive as gold and if you really want to shop this expensive piece then no other occasion can be better than wedding.