When it comes to fashion, more and more people are drawing inspiration from online portals. Social media platforms are a buzz when it comes to searching for the latest fashion trends and styles. If you wish to become a fashion blogger, Instagram is the best place for you to start with. In order to begin, conduct research on what is popular on Instagram and match it to what you want to do. Look for popular content people are posting and what kind of hashtags they are using.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo – Keep readers coming back for more

Barbara Victoria Montalvo is an eminent fashion blogger in the USA with her own collection in street style and high-end fashion. She says that when you start with fashion blogging and master the art of hashtags after some research, it is prudent for you to visit the pages of other Instagram influencers in fashion to get an idea about the trending hashtags. Once you have picked up the popular hashtags that are trending for the year, your next move is to keep in mind the following steps-

  1. Celebrity style- Many men and women, look up to their favorite celebrities when it comes to personality and style. They look for fashion blogs that give them ideas on how they can dress like their favorite celebrities.
  1. The clothing you post should be approachable- Inspire people with clothes they can relate to. To start with, choose clothes that are affordable so that the readers can first identify with them and buy them.
  1. Post regularly- No one likes stale content on a blog, and the same holds true for you too. Make sure you have a posting schedule laid out for the whole week and month. Give readers the stories and the tips they want.
  1. Never make your fashion blog a huge advertisement- You should be choosy when it comes to the samples you have sent for a review. Readers become bored and leave when they see a lot of sponsored advertisements and articles.
  1. Be 100% original- This is perhaps the most important point you must keep in mind as a fashion blogger. One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers do is copy what other bloggers are doing. This might be an easy short-cut; however, readers lose interest fast and head out to the next new fashion blogger in the queue.
  1. Presentation is the key- Like your personal image and style, presentation of your blog the right way is the key to success. Several fashion bloggers carry themselves extremely well; however, when you visit their blogs, you will find the presentation to be clumsy and messy. If you need to keep your blog unpublished for some days, let it be till you have found out a unique way to design it for a powerful impact.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo sums up by saying the most important trait for a fashion blogger is to be yourself. Everyone has their unique style, and this is how you can reach out, connect, and keep your readers online inspired!