Gone are the days when pepper sprays had no importance in the market, now is the time when more and more people are buying these beasts. They are being used by millions of people to protect themselves. The cops of various states use such bottles so that the criminals do not escape. In fact, some of the cops are trained to even fight when such sprays are used on them. This means that the pepper spray bottles are not only used for protection, but also for training purposes.

If you have absolutely no idea about pepper spray, you might want to gather enough information about it, so that you can think of purchasing it on a serious note. Even if people have been telling you to place an order for such a product, it is always good to know everything about it.

What is pepper spray?

It is a defense spray created and sold to cause irritation to the eyes and face of the target. It consists of various oils extracted from cayenne pepper. Since it disturbs the respiratory organs, the one who uses the spray gets enough time to escape the place where you are trapped.

Why do you need a pepper spray?

If you are not trained in self-defense, you have got to purchase this product. It ensures to keep you save and sound. In fact, even if you are trained in self-defense, you need such a spray so that you can protect yourself even if you are surrounded and kidnapped by a mob of more than seven people. It is practically impossible for any individual to fight more than two to three people, even if he or she is trained in self-defense. It is not that nothing is going to happen to you if you have a pepper spray bottle in your bag or pocket; it is just that you are more confident in fighting stalkers or kidnappers or criminals when you have such a bottle with you.

If you haven’t purchased a pepper spray bottle already, go ahead and do it RIGHT NOW!