When it comes to fashion, we know that there are thousands of styles and fashion ideas for women but there are not many for men. However, today, even men’s fashion has picked up the pace and there are countless styles for them to flaunt. So, dear men, here are a few styles that are in a trend that you may want to consider.

  • Cuban collar shirts

Guys out there need to understand that you need to dress up like men, not boys and nothing talks more about looking like a man than t-shirts with solid colors and shirts. Unlike graphic tees, that portray you as a man-child, solid t-shirts and Cuban collar shirts that have a distinctive collar and short sleeves will make you stand out from the crowd. Thus, solid one-color T-shirts, striped tees, and Henleys are a way to go. Scuba hoodies is another kind of outfits that are in the trend currently.

  • Over the knee shorts

Jeans can look incredibly nice if you’re wearing the right pair. But apart from jeans, shorts are also in the trend. Shorts, that are above the knee length are quite in the trend today and unlike baggy jeans which you have to pull up every five minutes, you may want to invest in these shorts that keep themselves up without a belt, are simple with clean, distinctive colors, and also comfortable. The Benders street shorts are such shorts that are a perfect blend of style and comfort and are trending these days. So, try that casual chic look with shorts that are extremely comfy and stylish.

  • Biker jackets

If you have your wardrobe full of different kinds of jeans and t-shirts and shirts, then it’s time for you to invest in something different. Jackets, for instance, are a part of the current trend. Biker jackets specifically are the best jackets for someone who loves flaunting street style. But, even if you don’t, these jackets make a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Go for men’s jersey biker style jacket or men’s stripe jacket, and you are all set to impress your friends.

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