Making a loud and bold statement through different styles has become a more common trend now. Piercing is one such technique where a person shows his or her style statement which can be sometimes too bold and loud. Many people try to experiment with different piercing techniques and explore different parts of the body where they can get the piercing done.

Nowadays, many salons have this piercing service and dedicated piercing showrooms are there to lend support to people who like this type of piercing. Almost famous body piercing shop is one such shop where you can choose different styles of piercing and get so many suggestions on the techniques too.

Raise the roof with this piercing

Adding a statement through piercing has been a common practice now. Adding a twist to your piercing is now deemed as a new fashion trend, and many people tend to follow it. There are various parts of the body where one can pierce and wear a piece of jewellery. Off late, bridge piercing has been growing at a rapid rate.

So what is this? This type of piercing is done between your eyes almost at the start of the nose bridge. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Yes, it is, and that’s why many people are giving it a try. People who are familiar with piercings know how one style can influence others. They tend to choose different stuff that can raise the expectation and give them a hot look. This is how these types of piercing are getting familiar and followed by many. Among all other piercing, this is quite straightforward. This is also called surface piercing as many say they feel only a sting when this piercing happens and is relatively done on the upper layer of skin. This procedure ends up quickly and easily when compared to any other types of piercing.

Care to be taken after piercing

Any piercing should be treated with care, especially after wound care is critical. In this piercing, extra care should be taken as this happens in the bridge of the nose and is a delicate area. It’s said that this type of piercing might take 6 to 12 months to heal and proper aftercare is required. It’s also said this type of piercing carries chances of infection; it’s required we treat them with care.

  • It’s suggested to clean the pierced place with salt, warm water solution regularly.
  • Avoid any beauty products or chlorine-infested water like pool water that encounters the pierced area directly.
  • Wear appropriate jewellery type during the healing process, so it does not add to the strain of healing.

Where to get it done

There is no other safe place than almost famous piercing people when it comes to body piercing and especially bridge piercing. You may need people who can offer you the best service with most care and hygiene with lots of opinions to start with.

So, what are you still waiting for, slay the look by opting for the piercing service.