Sunglasses or frames for kind of glasses are the best kind of accessories anyone can invest in. However, if the buyer has no knowledge of how to purchase such frames, it may turn out to be adisaster. So, here is a guide for buying frames for glasses or sunglasses for both men and women:

UV protection

The first question which pops up when a buyer looks for a pair of glasses is “Does it have UV protection?” It is advised that a pair of sunglasses or glasses should have UV protection. A pair of glasses with UV protection will not only protect your eyes but will also allow you to clearly view things.


Choosing the correct material for your frames is a big decision. A buyer can choose them according to their level of comfort and preference. A buyer can find frames in:

Metal: The most common material for frames. These frames are easily adjustable and are quite easy to handle.

Titanium: Titanium is the best kind of material there is for sunglasses or any other kind of frame. The best titanium sunglasses or frames for prescription glasses are scratch resistant, super strong and look great!

Plastic: Plastic frames are the most affordable frames. These frames are versatile and come in almost every kind of colour. However, these frames are not durable.El Capitan - Titanium & Rosewood

Frame Size

The size of every person’s face is different, which is why the size of the frame is a necessary consideration before buying a frame. The buyer should remember to keep their eye size, bridge measurements and temple size in mind.

Lenses Material

Lenses material is an important consideration. There are various kinds of materials which can be used as for your glasses. Here are the materials which can be used to manufacture optical lenses:Titanium & Rosewood

Optical Glass:  This material is scratch free and extremely durable. These glasses offer a distortion-free vision.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonates are usually used for prescription glasses or sunglasses for those who are always on the move. These lenses are manufactured with the same material as the aircraft windshields. These lenses are light and scratch resistant. Additionally, these glasses give a clear optical vision.

NXT Polyurethane: One of the best qualities of materials which can be used for glasses. These are made with an advanced polymer called Trivex, which is extremely scratch resistant and offers greater optical clarity.


Our generation has an answer to everything. Gone are the days where we could only use transparent glasses. Any kind of colour, any kind of tint can be attained. Many manufacturers offer various colours to the user for their best titanium sunglasses and other frames.

With many options available to the users and buyers, the buyer may become confused with so many options. However, if you know what you are looking for and if you know what the market has to offer, you will know exactly what to buy and where to buy it from.