Wedding day is a wonderful day we all look forward to in our lives. We take several days to plan that one day –our day. However, when planning your wedding, there are several things to consider aside the wedding dress, a good example of them is the bridesmaid dress. So how do you choose affordable bridesmaids dresses for your friends? Do not worry, here are some tips to help you out.

#1: Consider the unifying element

Whether you’re pro matching bridesmaid dresses or not, something needs to connect your bridal party aesthetically. Choose at least one aspect of your bridesmaids’ appearance – be it color, neckline or fabric – that unifies the group. It could even be an amazing accessory. Just check to make sure you have that unique common element in them all.

#2: Select a style that flatters

Choose silhouettes that work well with the body types of your bridesmaids. Jersey fabric and straps fit well on small women, while an empire red dress allows extra belly coverage. For bridesmaids, this bridesmaid dress could be very flattering.

#3: You should also consider high hich fabrics

Choose a fabric for the bridesmaid dress that complements your own wedding dress. And you should also consider bridesmaid’s comfort, because the bridesmaids must move all-day during the wedding. So, a comfortable and elegant bridesmaid dress is very important to them, as an asymmetrical dress is more suitable than the strapless dress. You can check out some great designs on platforms like the Henriette L. You will sure get one the fits.

#4: Choose a length

Again, all your dresses should not match, but they must have the same length. If you decide to choose the different colors for your bridesmaids, it is better to choose the same length of the wedding dress to honor each other. And the mid-length dress is very popular among brides.

#5: Listen to your bridesmaids 

At the end of the day, having an unhappy bridesmaid helps no one. If a friend gives you feedback on her dress, try working with her as much as possible. The dress is too expensive? Or she does not like this style? Solving the problem before the big day will make everyone happier. They have come to celebrate with you and to make your day a glorious one, so you should make sure they are happy too.