How you arrange your clothing store can contribute to how much the customer eventually spends in your store and also towards their happiness. If the customers easily find what they actually need for their kids then they are less likely to become frustrated in your store while shopping. This will automatically contribute to increasing the sale of your store with kids wear manufacturers. You can also increase the no. of visitors to your store by placing eye-catching apparels near the counter of your clothing stores. Stores with kids wear manufacturers Suncity should experiment with their layout to compare the store’s profit level and also the customer’s satisfaction.

Your store must present the clothing merchandise in an organized manner and must be present in a visually appealing way to make the most of your sales floor experience. Visual merchandising helps greatly in increasing the sales of your store with kidswear manufacturers Suncity.

The steps are:

Smart floor plan

When a customer walks into your clothing store, the first thing they observe is the display of the apparel. You should display the newest apparel or dressed the latest collection onto mannequins or fold them neatly and place them on tables. The other areas of the store should also highlight the top and latest sellers like complementary items. The store should be set up in quadrants with similar items grouped together in each section. A combination of mannequins, tables, and racks gives the store character and adds one more layer of visual appeal. The store should also be separated into boy’s section and girls’ section so that they do not get confused. The separation of the clothing depends on the type of clothes being carried by your store.

Easy-to-shop store

A messy store has a negative impact on the sales. Disorganized clothing racks that are too messed up and full often discourage the customers from shopping, trying and ultimately buying your merchandise. You should also make sure that the racks are evenly spaced and groups like items together. The placement of the apparels must be visibly identified and the sizes and prices must be well-marked. The casual and party wear apparels must also be placed separately so that it provides ease to the buyers and sellers.

Consider traffic flow in your store layout

You also need to arrange your store’s display fixtures, aisles, pathways with traffic flow in mind. You need to understand three key customer behaviors which are decompression zone, turn the right and personal space.

Position products for maximum exposure

After successful planning of the floor, the store owners are quick to purchase and install fixtures and then fill them with a product. You need to think the product positioning of your store before considering the fixtures and displays. Where are the limited, seasonal and evergreen availability and sale products going to be featured on an ongoing basis? The whole process is called product mapping.

Place accessories near the counters

The store owners also need to place kids accessories like shoes, sandals, caps, hair accessories, etc near the counters to catch customer’s eye when they are ready to leave. All these attractive items when placed help in increasing the no. of visitors and also in increasing the sales of the stores.