A good dress shirt is a necessity. You can’t pull off a stylish / gentleman look until you have the proper collared shirt to war under a blazer, cardigan, or jacket.

Keep in mind, not all dress shits are created equal, and not every dress shirt matches up well with every formal look. Mixing and matching, depending on the look you’re trying to accomplish, goes a long way.

Which dress shirts are the essentials, and which aren’t?

Every man has a few dress shirts that have been hanging untouched for a while in their closet; you don’t want that to be the case with your dress shirts. If you’re going to invest in a good dress shirt, make sure you actually wear it.

I recommending sticking to / focusing on the essentials and revamping your closet if necessary – picking the right dress shirts will increase the ‘stylish’ perception that every man is shooting for.

Plain White: everyone needs a white shirt; you can’t go wrong with incorporating one into your daily outfit. A clean, simple white dress shirt is a necessity – it’s also one of the most versatile pieces of clothing there is. You can wear it with dress pants, jeans, and chinos. Make sure’ it’s made from cotton and well-ironed. Try pairing a white dress shirt with a dark or colorful tie. No matter white, it looks appropriate and great.

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Striped Shirt: A simple stripe pattern goes a long way in terms of making you look slim, stylish and sharp. You can wear striped shirts in various colors, but consider trying out color combinations on the simpler side of things, such a s red and white. The simpler the look, the more it goes with various outfits.  Either way, the striped shirt is a classic. Try experimenting with stripes of different width, but keep in mind, that the wider the stripe, the less formal the shirt becomes. Indeed, wide stripes are outdated and considered less stylish these days…pinstripes are the way to go.

Contrasting Collar: a dress shirt with a contrasting collar is a bold look that stands out while, at the same time, being very stylish.  The contrast between the collar and the fabric of the shirt underneath is a perfect method for drawing attention to your face and beard area.  A bright, white high collar makes for a contrasting visual effect that draw the viewers eyes upward.  While a contrast collar dress shirt isn’t something you wear daily, it’s a great variety shirt when you want to try something different with your wardrobe.

Blue: Much like white shirts, blue dress shirts are versatile and go with a lot of different outfits. They add a bit of color to the picture and are best paired with chinos, khakis, and black dress pants. One of the advantages that they have over white dress shirts are that they look a bit less plain; at the same time, blue dress shirts go with almost anything and everything.

The above shirts are 4 essentials that you’ll need in your closet; incorporating these into your wardrobe makes for a modern, classy look that guarantees you’ll stand out in all the right ways. Head to Well Dressed Brother for more style advice.