When we talk about the layering pieces, then Cardigan is one of the great choices to go for. Cardigans are so apt for different weather conditions and go with the flow of T-shirts and dresses every time. You can easily make a Cardigan fit for your outfit of the day no, matter when you are going for a casual general outing, office work, evening dinner, night or a disco party. There are a variety of textures and designs in cardigans and also fabrics that fit in your summer wardrobe as well as a staple in winter wardrobe collection.

One has to be careful about the designs they choose. The texture and the design along with the apparel color matters a lot. You have to match the contrast and the tuning between the inner layer and your cardigan. Cardigan usually has too much fabric, so they have to be styled in a smart way. Here let us talk about the different ways to style cardigans and also let us talk about different styles of cardigans to step up our fashion sense.

Wear a belt over the cardigan

With belt over your cardigan, you can make the fabric look fit. The belts over cardigans are best to go for the winter season. If you have light fabric cardigan that is apt for summer & spring, then you can pair them up with a belt as well. Belts are usually tied when the cardigan is more voluminous. If a cardigan hangs a little long, you can smartly make use of a belt.

Style scarf with a cardigan

A scarf always adds dimension to your outfit. Wearing scarf with cardigan can be a perfect outfit for your winter wear. Add texture and dimension by styling scarf with your jacket, parka or cardigan. You can mix the textures or use contrast colors to enhance the outfit look.

Button up your layer

You can change the styling with buttoning your jacket, shrug or cardigan on different spots. You can try buttoning jacket at the bust will create a cool shape from above look. Buttoning on waist/belly can create a pure lady shape which seems sexy and enhances the personality of your outfit at the same time. Jackets can be buttoned at the neckline to create flowing style.

Solid and textured look

You can mix and match the solid and texture look. Wear plain cardigan with textured tees, or you can wear printed cardigan with a solid tee. With jackets, the same styling tip can be used. If you are going to buy winter jackets, then go for solid colors to match them with more textured clothes in your wardrobe.