Handmade Jewellery has been the only source of unique jewellery since the olden days when men learned to use their hands to make these gems. With the evolution and modern day man, we have seen an upgrade in this area that has sought to build its fame and market by spreading false information about this exclusive jewellery.Handmade silver jewellery has been on trial ever since the evolution of machines came.Many untrue stories have done their rounds globally about these jewellery discouraging many people from trying them.

Common Myths About The Handmade Silver Jewellery

  1. They are handmade poor quality jewellery – No!These jewellery are called handmade because they are made with hands and simple tools, no machines at all. Being handmade does not make them poor quality with rough edges and poor finishing, No! Each piece of this jewellery is carefully worked on given a significant amount of time to get that perfect finished product that the customer is looking for.
  2. They cannot be used for formal occasions – No!Handmade silver jewellery can be utilized for any occasion under the face of the earth.
  3. They are not as beautiful as they claim to be – No!Artisans who work on these handmade products will only post what they make on their online platforms, not anything they borrow from the machine made ones.You can tell from these pictures that the handmade silver jewellery is beautiful, elegant and unique.
  4. They are too expensive for everyone to afford – No!The fact that they are handmade and take a lot of time does not mean they cost a fortune.In fact, most cost lesser than most machine cut ones!
  5. They do not last longer – No!Handmade silver jewellery is highly durable than most other jewellery because silver metal does not corrode or fade, it remains the same for long.
  6. Mass production cannot be done – No!It takes time to make one piece of a handmade jewellery, but that does not mean big orders will take a decade before it is delivered.Most artisans have been able to open up more major workshops and hire more workers to meet the demand.
  7. They entail a very long process that is pointless – No!The process is worth every product the designers make having gone through a personal touch that many seek for in a gem.
  8. They represent some cultural gods – No!The handmade silver jewellery does not stand for gods or funny images; it only creates styles and techniques that foster a deeper connection to different individuals across cultural, political and linguistic boundaries.
  9. Handmade silver jewellery does not offer an extensive collection to choose from – No!There are very many choices the designers will present you with from the handmade section.
  10. They are only limited to men – No! These handmade jewellery are for both men and women irrespective of age.
  11. They react to many users causing a health risk – No!Silver is one of the friendliest metals we have today.It does not corrode and therefore does not cause any allergic reaction to its users.
  12. Handmade Silver jewellery is no longer in demand – No!These pieces of jewellery are among the top most sought gems in the modern day.
  13. There isn’t enough information about these jewellers provided – No!The online platform is now overflowing with the handmade jewellery information with designers showcasing their work as well.
  14. They are limited to only bracelets and earrings – No! The selection is wide including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, jewellery sets, men’s jewellery and any other type of jewellery.
  15. There are no renowned handmade designers – No!Look it up and meet famous artists full of wisdom and skills.
  16. Most of the online artisans are a fraud – No!Look them up, most designers have many years of expertise, and it is proudly displayed online for customers to view and question.
  17. All these handmade silver jewellery are old fashioned – No!They are crafted to be relevant to the modern day.
  18. They are just simple pieces for the minimalists – No!Both straightforward and elegant pieces can be handmade to meet the needs of both classes of people.
  19. Naturally shaped out of the metal without proper plan – No! Each handmade jewellery is given maximum attention right from designing to crafting it.
  20. They do not ship to most countries – No!The designers have come to full realization of the growing number of customers all over the world and have opened their e-commerce markets to be able to ship globally.